Adventures, Scribbles and Photos

Title says its all really, an English man living in Turkey teaching and taking photos

Where to begin?

I suppose the sensible place would be at the beginning, but as the beginning starts off back in the UK and this blog is centred on me being outside the UK I will start somewhat into my story.

I arrived in the ancient and mysterious land of Turkey almost two months ago and more specifically the city of Bursa, driven by love and a new career path: to teach the English language to all and sundry. Oh, and to take some wicked photographs, I am after all a wannabe photographer on the inside.

Over the past two months life has been pretty crazy, moving from hotel to flat, and then from room to room as the hierarchy of room choice ebbed and flowed, couch surfers came and went colleges friends visited and left and the general hustle and bustle of occupants moving in and moving out. However, now this turmoil has passed and calm has returned to the flat, my room is organised, IKEA has been visited and life has a semblance of normality once again….for a few days at least! I have now been fully introduced to the whims of the gods of bureaucracy, fill in form A, take form A to room 10, no for room 10 you need form B, etc. all in my quest for a residency visa.

I am glad to say that this quest has proved fruitful and the gods of bureaucracy must have been smiling as after only two days (relatively speedy from what I’ve heard) my paperwork has been stamped and I’ve been cleared for residency, now the wait begins. Hopefully next week I will collect the little blue book that will allow me to kick back, relax and come and go as I please anywhere and everywhere in this beautifully vast and complex country.

To give you a sense of the nature and beauty I am surrounded by as I write this I am sitting with a cup of green apple tea, with a view out over the city and mountains. At night I can hear owls calling to each other deep in the mountain forests behind my flat, and there is more than a rumour that bears roam the wooded slopes. All the while please remember that Bursa is one of the largest cities in Turkey, and is a key industrial city. In the distance I can see the vast cooling towers of the power stations and a 10minute train ride takes you into the beating heart of the cities industrial core. Despite, what some may call eye-sores, I find this union between man and nature an intriguing vision (as long as it remains controlled of course!!) and will at some point form the subject of my photographs.

Hmmm, this brief introduction to my adventure has turned into quite the wall of text, so I will leave it there for now.